Speed of Life
Dirty South
Released 05 March 2013
Genre Progressive House
Label Phazing
Producer Dirty South
Speed of Life is the first album by the progressive house producer and DJ Dirty South. It was released on March 05, 2013, by his own label, Phazing.


DJ fly-wellEdit


No. Title Length
1. "Gods" (feat. Ruben Haze) 4:24
2. "Super Sounds"   4:41
3. "Until the End" (feat. Joel Gil) 4:05
4. "Champions"   5:34
5. "Sunrise"   3:30
6. "Your Heart" (feat. Joe Gil) 4:09
7. "Reset"   4:44
8. "Something Like You" (feat. Rudy) 4:43
9. "Sunset"   3:57
10. "Speed of Life"   7:04

DJ fly-wellEdit

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